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Moving Tips

4 Weeks Prior to Move Date

  1. Start using up food items, leaving less to pack and less to have to discard
  2. Fill out change of address form from the post office
  3. Confirm all arrangements with your moving company (dates, price, times, etc.) or with a truck rental company
  4. Obtain all necessary dental, medical records, any x-rays, prescription information. Ask your doctor and dentist for possible referrals.
  5. Make arrangements for transporting your pets
  6. Make arrangements to transfer your checking, savings, and/or any other account you may have
  7. Fill out IRS change of address form
  8. Confirm all travel arrangements with airlines, car rentals, hotels, etc.
  9. Take inventory of all special items or items that have been stored for a long time
  10. Contact your church, or civic organization for notice to transfer
  11. Contact all schools and sports, dance, or other activity your child might belong to

1-2 Weeks Prior to Your Move

  1.  Follow up on all of the above items that were initiated
  2. Transfer all utilities to your new address. Also transfer any newspaper, magazine, cable, or satellite, telephone company to your new address as well.
  3. Confirm with your moving company or truck rental company.
  4. Make arrangements to have appliances, clocks, pool tables, etc. serviced at origin and destination
  5. Clean rugs and/or drapes and have them ready for move day
  6. Prepare to defrost refrigerator / freezer at least 24 hours prior to move day
  7. Check with neighbors to settle any items borrowed over the years
  8. If driving, be sure to have your car serviced and checked by a mechanic for travel. I.E. belts, hoses, tires, cable.

Eight Moving Steps

On Move Day!!

  1. Secure all personal items, valuables, keys, cash, prescriptions, firearms, etc. by creating a “safe zone”. Close off access to a remote bathroom, or closet ,or even a corner of a room. Make sure to go over all “safe zones” with crew during their walk through which should be right after their arrival and prior to the start of work.
  2. Make sure each item of yours gets a sticker and is on the driver’s inventory. If you have any questions, just ask the driver.
  3. Contact someone close to you and give them your route and your phone number so they can reach you if necessary.
  4. Be sure to check all closets, cabinets, attics, basements, crawlspaces, and sheds for any items prior to the crew leaving, on load day
  5. Carry travelers’ checks for quick, accessible funds

Upon Delivery Day

  1. Look over all walls, doors, and floors as well as driveways for any pre-existing damage
  2. Do a complete walk through with the crew, prior to the start of work. Discuss the name of each room, also point out where the head of the bed will go, where the big pieces will go in each room, and a good spot to stack boxes in each room. This will cut down on confusion and moving items unnecessarily.
  3. Be sure that some sort of floor protection is used. If you don’t see it and work has begun, ask the driver to take care of it.
  4. Be sure to designate someone in your family to stay by the front door to check off inventory as it comes in
  5. After all items have been checked off by you, do a walk through with the driver to see if each room is satisfactory. Ex. Beds and tables are together, boxes are neatly stacked, in the right rooms and not too high. When you are satisfied, sign all the necessary paperwork and get a copy of everything you sign